Welcome to the wonderful world of stingless bees!

Hi, I’m Native Bee Nick and I’ve been keeping, researching, photographing, filming and observing native bees for the last 10 years

I am passionate about passing on information to people so they can learn about keeping stingless bees themselves.

Bees are so important to the environment, I want to make the mysteries of their lives easier for everyone to understand .

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For the last 18 months I have devoted most of my time to creating a comprehensive and enjoyable online course about keeping stingless bees.

It’s called BeeVersity

The course is based on over 10 years of keeping bees full time, research, attending conferences, experiments with the hundreds of hives I kept at home and interviews with Australia’s most seasoned  beekeepers.

Stingless bees in Canberra

To make sure this course contained the exact information that people need I based it around the most common questions I am asked.  Over the last 10 year I have been asked thousands of questions from people all over the world – especially Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Africa, India, the Philippines and Brazil.

I categorised the queries into both subject and the number of times my followers ask the questions.

Feeding stingless bees in a feeder

I then set out to answer the questions that are asked again and again in a way that is easy to understand and enjoyable to hear.

This simple video course was designed to help any beekeeper, novice or experienced, broaden their understanding and expertise about working with stingless bees.

I would like to extend a warm thank you for visiting my website and caring about bees.

Regards Native Bee Nick