Native Bee Sales

 I have a limited number of Tetragonula carbonaria and Tertragonula hockingsi for sale. Most are in my new western red cedar boxes with top entrance and clear inspection panel such as the carbonaria bees in the picture.

At the moment I have a limited number which I am selling in south east Queensland and northern New South Wales. 

(Please note that Western Australian wildlife regulations prohibit the sale or movement of stingless bees to that state.)

In the event of “Sold out”  Click here

Tetragonula carbonaria sales

Price: $450 Currently sold out Contact me

This native bee is a favourite among Aussie bee keepers. It is found over a wide range of sub-tropical and warm-temperate eastern Australia. They have an active workforce and benefit from reliable rainfall and resulting honey flows. Although predominantly coastal, they can be found west of the Great Dividing Range in Queensland and northern NSW. I have carbonaria bees from a variety of sources including a split from a friends box, and rescue transfers from trees after storms. I have a couple of absolute favourites due to their strength and vitality. These bees feature strongly in my bees for sale.

Native-bee-sales-1-   Native-bee-sales-2-

Tetragonula hockingsi sales

Price: $450 Currently sold out. Contact me

Hockingsi for honey.
I have only had hockingsi for a little over a year now & I’m still learning about this terrific little bee. I see a lot of other people selling native stingless bees and they are promoting them only for northern Queensland. My thoughts are that this is truly a bee for all QLD. They are sure to thrive from the Gold Coast to Cairns, especially in coastal areas. Experts are unsure if hockingsi bees were originally found in the Brisbane area. In recent years they have been breeding in great numbers in Brisbane, and they seem to adapt well to urban environments and heat waves. All my hockingsi bees are locally sourced in Brisbane.

native-bee-sales   Native-bee-sales-

Empty Hive sales

Price: $150

I will sell an empty western red cedar box finished in natural timber with marine grade varnish. Boxes are limited to people who have purchased a hive of bees and this will allow you to split your hive in a years time to have 2 wonderful hives of bees. 

Brood Sales

Cost: $50

Tetragonula carbonaria brood with 500+ worker brood cells and 2+ queen cells.

Native bee brood is good for 2 situations:

Occasionally you will have a colony of bees without a queen. The queen may have been lost in a transfer or rescue from a log, or you may have received a ‘split’ and for some reason they haven’t re-queened. You can add brood with a queen cell and rescue your colony.

The other time brood is great is when you are trying to do an eduction. Adding brood will shorten the time for a successful eduction from months down to weeks. It is also possible to do an eduction without a queen cell thus preserving the genetics of your mother hive. The brood seems to stimulate the mother hive to provide a virgin queen.

I receive many emails asking if you can take brood and put it in an empty box, and will this create a colony? “Sorry guys the answer is no, the brood is only useful for the 2 situations listed above”.


Brood Sales


Brood sales


Premium boxes available now

For a limited time, you can apply to own one of these specially designed boxes made from premium timbers including Australian cedar, tallow, quilla and New Guinea rose wood.  They feature brass hinges and link-latches.  The thick 35mm walls on the boxes provide superior insulation to keep your bees comfortable all year round.  Each box contains an established stingless bee colony ready to go. Pick up only from Brisbane. If you are interested, apply now via [email protected]



New Products!

At Australian Native Bee we are always interested in new things. We have combined traditional knowledge, scientific literature and our own experiments to produce some exciting new products. Bee Calm and Phorid Defender concentrates are diluted a few drops in water. Your purchase could last for years & is excellent value for money.
Bee Calm  $24.95 Not yet for sale
Spray this on your skin, hat and clothing before splitting your hive of native bees. This pleasant floral scent calms your bees and stops them trying to chew your eye-lids and crawl in your ears and nose. Owners of the powerful (but cranky) hockingsi bee know what I’m talking about. This stuff really works.
25mL of Bee Calm 100% essential oil blend.
Spray bottle.
Phorid Defender  $15.95 Not yet for sale
Spray Phorid Defender around your hive when you split your native bees. Honey spilled during splits, and bee alarm pheromones attract the deadly phorid fly. This natural insect repellent has been carefully blended to repel phorid fly without also scaring your bees away.
10 pumps of the spray bottle, once a day for the first 5 days after splitting works like magic.
Caution: Do not spray near or inside your entrance hole, inside your bee box, or on your bees. This is a repellent and not a cure. If you already have a phorid fly infestation you need a trap, not defender.
25mL of Phorid Defender 100% essential oil blend.
Spray bottle.
Syrphid Defender $4.95 Not yet for sale
Petroleum Jelly infused with Phorid Defender and another key ingredient. Syrphid Defender may remove the need to tape up a box after a split. You simply smear a bead of Syrphid defender into the joint between the boxes.
I have recently applied Syrphid Defender to all my hives and see much lower numbers of Syrphid fly annoying my boxes.
30mL of Syrphid Defender. Will treat up to 3 splits.