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Powell hive box (Empty hive)


A sturdy quality hive by Native Bee Nick. This hive box is ideal for placement where it will be seen and where you can also check on your bees. Made from beautiful western red cedar, its insular properties will keep your bees happy in summer and winter and will not suffer from sweating or condensation inside the hive. This timber is also naturally termite resistant, rot resistant, dimentionally stable and weatherproof.  It has been used for centuries as a boat-building timber because of its durability and ability to work under a range of conditions.  Suitable for Queensland and NSW. The hive features dropped wall heights with ply wood separators to give you an accurate mess free propagation when performing a split every time.

       $280 Each

$50 Postage and Handling Fee applies anywhere in Australia.


Hive care:

I recommend keeping this hive off the ground and away from water to prevent swelling if you choose to keep it oil coat, if you choose to paint this hive white it will withstand heats of 38 degrees outside in full sun. I have tested this myself with bees inside it.

This hive is really a show piece and placing it under an eve of the house or on your veranda away from rain will keep the miters tight and your box looking beautiful for many many years.

Click here to watch the video on this hive.

Nicks sales Powell stingless bee hive

Nicks sales Powell box

Nicks sales Powell hive

Powell Hive Roof

(Made to fit hive tops of 280mm/200mm)

Made to fit standard 200/280 hive tops. This beautiful solid timber roof by Native Bee Nick to embellish your current hive. Roof features a rebated step on the underside to seat it nicely. Oil finish. Select outdoor timbers are used, recommended to keep any raw timber undercover.

$90 Each
$40 postage and handling fee anywhere in Australia

Bee cones

Bee cones for stingless bees. Entrance tunnels

I Will be rolling out different colours in these, so colours are random.  If you have a large order ask for a price and I will look at custom colours. Read more about these here.



$10.80 Postage and handling fee applies. Colours are random

Stingless Bee Honey

It’s finally here! After jumping through many hoops and satisfying the food act 2006 and the local council rules and regulations, I bring you a chance to sample stingless bee honey!

Stingless bee honey is unique. It can be described as a complex matrix of Flavonoids and Phenolic compounds.

What does that mean? Well, in short, it is a super food and acts differently to provide your body with many different health benefits. In most countries stingless bee honey is revered as a medicine food.

In 2010 Australian stingless bee honey was used in a scientific study against different bacteria. Two of the samples were shown to inhibit 31 of 32 test organisms.

In future I hope to help have a medicinal test created for stingless bee honey to help all our producers benefit.

From the 16 or so scientific articles I have read I believe stingless bee honey benefits far outweigh that of Manuka.

I bring you stingless bee honey from an organic exotic fruit farm, prepared and packaged in a licensed food safe kitchen.  The bees have been collecting from durians, star apples, yellow and black sapotes (chocolate pudding fruit), soursop and many many more which gives the honey a sweet and rich flavour.

My honey is raw and cold pressed. No pasteurisation means this honey maintains the natural benefits as if it were taken directly from the hive.  You will receive 100% stingless honey that is not blended or adulterated with other honeys.

My practices for honey extraction consider the bees while they are being robbed with minimal bee causalities and care. I make sure enough honey is left for the bees to last a full winter and support their young.

The honey comes sealed in 60 gram reusable liquid packages at $27 Each.

Stocks are very limited and a $10.80 postage and handling fee applies.


Refined wax! This is the purified wax you get after you take most of resins out of the hive structure.

This wax is filtered at low heat to maintain the natural phenolic compounds and anti-microbial properties of the wax.

Examples of use.

  • Mix this with standard honey bees wax to coat the inside of eduction boxes to give your bees a racing start.
  • Feed your bees wax to save foraging time. Place around lower part of hive entrance hole
  • Make lip balms, soaps and creams (Stops mozzie bites itching)
  • Seal eduction pipes
  • Boost weak colonies and much much more. Be creative

This 20 gram block would take the bees many, many years to produce.  $10.80 Postage and handling fee applies.


This is a larger block of stingless beeswax that has been quadruple filtered with two separate processes. This ensures the cleanest quality of stingless beeswax free from pathogens that might harm your bees.

Use this for coating the inside of hives, making soap, provide your bees for them to make structure, making lip balms, candle blends and much much more.

Contains 100% Refined stingless beeswax. Pure and unadulterated.

70 Gram Block

Please note these are in limited supply. Please email if purchasing isn’t available. My bees only make a very small amount of wax a year.



Purchasing a Powell Hive (Gen 2)

I often have a colony or two of native bees for sale.  My hives are made from western red cedar and I typically sell them in a Powell Gen 2 hive. Western red cedar is a sustainably harvested timber which is naturally termite and rot resistant, is able to withstand harsh weather conditions, is very lightweight and easy to move around and is an excellent insulator for the bees.  Watch the Powell hive video on You Tube to understand this more.

A brood box is $450 which includes an established hive with a healthy work force and queen and an option for a roof for an additional cost of $80. Series Supers (Powell designed thin supers) retail for $18 each. Due to the large amount of inquiry’s please decide if you do wish to go ahead before sending a request through the main contact. There are many suppliers of stingless bees so please take your time looking at what the different stingless hive builders offer and choose a style of hive you feel most appeals to you.


Please note I do not offer a warranty on my hives.  I spend about a year or more establishing a colony of stingless bees, I help them grow, watch the queen hatch and get them going. The care transfers to you when you become a bee keeper just like if you purchased any other pet. It is your duty to love and care for your insects as these are special!  Of course, I will offer as much information and support as needed to ensure your hive continues to thrive after purchase.

Tips For Caring For Your Hive

Hot and Cold

With a cedar hive, the bees are very well insulated so they will take much more heat than most hive, however, heat can still kill your bees. These hives will take a very hot day (between 18 – 35 degrees) if you have a roof on your hive. If you don’t have a roof, a terracotta roofing tile or even a thick plank of wood that shades your hive will do.

Stingless bees are classified as resin bees this means they need some heat for resins to be workable. For this reason complete shade all day isn’t a good idea. Try and get the morning sun hitting your hive and in the heat of the day have your hive semi-to fully shaded. If you’re unsure, set a chair out in the location and sit on it. If you’re comfy in the heat, it’s a good spot.

Location of hive click here

Winter hive care click here


There are lots of pests that attack our little bees but it is my experience that pests very rarely attack a fully established hive and kill it. It normally is post propagation, post honey harvest or if you have heated your hive up. To prevent this, work very cleanly when propagating your bees. No honey or pollen left leaking from the joins of your hive. Keep out of the extreme heat waves. Don’t rob your hive of all its workers when propagation occurs, wait till it’s super strong and aim to make your 1 colony into 2 not 20. I normally recommend either choose honey harvest or propagation, not both. A prolonged wet hive can also pose problems with pests. Stingless bee pests click here


Feed your bees some sugar water when conditions are really really really dry. If you see gum trees dying or soil cracking, it’s time to help a little. By the same note, if flowers are out, don’t feed your bees! Bees have natural gut flora just like we do and you know what happens when we eat sugar all day. Feeding bees click here

To contact me about purchasing a hive, please fill in the contact information in the contact form and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.  If I am unable to supply a hive to you, I will be able to point you in the direction of some other excellent stingless bee keepers.

Powell split frames


These fit inside a box of 110mm/190mm and 94-100mm deep. Each half takes around 11 hours to make. Once your used to using these you can create a new colony in 1 minute, once your first frame is full. Minimal damage is caused to the colony allowing a fast bounce back post split. These frames can be used with all Austroplebeia; Symei, Cockerelli, essingtoni, ornata, websteri, percincta, cincta and of course australis if you prefer to call them all that. I believe these will also work very well with Tetragonula Sapiens and clypearis as I have had time to observe both these species in boxes and in their wild environments.

Read more about these here.

These are now available for Free! Just follow the link below to print your own. Please note these are a very fine print, you will need a very accurately tuned printer for them to clip together nicely.