Powell hive box (Empty hive)


A sturdy quality hive by Native Bee Nick. This hive box is ideal for placement where it will be seen and where you can also check on your bees. Made from beautiful western red cedar, its insular properties will keep your bees happy in summer and winter and will not suffer from sweating or condensation inside the hive.

$50 Postage and Handling Fee applies anywhere in Australia.

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This timber is also naturally termite resistant, rot resistant, dimensionally stable and weatherproof. It has been used for centuries as a boat-building timber because of its durability and ability to work under a range of conditions. Suitable for Queensland and NSW. The hive features dropped wall heights with ply wood separators to give you an accurate mess free propagation when performing a split every time.

Hive care:

I recommend keeping this hive off the ground and away from water to prevent swelling if you choose to keep it oil coat, if you choose to paint this hive white it will withstand heats of 38 degrees outside in full sun. I have tested this myself with bees inside it.

This hive is really a show piece and placing it under an eve of the house or on your veranda away from rain will keep the miters tight and your box looking beautiful for many many years.

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