Stingless Bee Honey


Stingless bee honey from an organic exotic fruit farm, prepared and packaged in a licensed food safe kitchen. The bees have been collecting from durians, star apples, yellow and black sapotes (chocolate pudding fruit), soursop and many many more which gives the honey a sweet and rich flavour.

My honey is raw and cold pressed. No pasteurisation means this honey maintains the natural benefits as if it were taken directly from the hive. You will receive 100% stingless honey that is not blended or adulterated with other honeys.

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It’s finally here! After jumping through many hoops and satisfying the food act 2006 and the local council rules and regulations, I bring you a chance to sample stingless bee honey!

Stingless bee honey is unique. It can be described as a complex matrix of Flavonoids and Phenolic compounds.

What does that mean? Well, in short, it is a super food and acts differently to provide your body with many different health benefits. In most countries stingless bee honey is revered as a medicine food.

In 2010 Australian stingless bee honey was used in a scientific study against different bacteria. Two of the samples were shown to inhibit 31 of 32 test organisms.

In future I hope to help have a medicinal test created for stingless bee honey to help all our producers benefit.

From the 16 or so scientific articles I have read I believe stingless bee honey benefits far outweigh that of Manuka.

My practices for honey extraction consider the bees while they are being robbed with minimal bee causalities and care. I make sure enough honey is left for the bees to last a full winter and support their young.

The honey comes sealed in 60 gram reusable liquid packages at $27 Each.

Stocks are very limited and a $10.80 postage and handling fee applies.


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