About the blog.

Hi my name is Nick. Here is a little about the blog and me.

I live in Queensland Australia with my beautiful wife and two kids.


I am a carpenter by trade and have been for a decade now. I have decided to try my hand at some other hobby’s while my wife has a go in her field of expertise. I like knife making, leather work and many hands on activity’s.

Recently I have discovered the joy of keeping Australian native stingless bees. I decided to make a blog to share what I am observing and learning from these amazing little bees. I feel that with the current world bee situation its time to look after the small things that have kept the world alive and moving for so long. Bees.

I have become obsessed with these small insects. I have been talking to a lot of native bee keepers and hearing about their stories and what got them into bee keeping.  From hearing about box designs, seeing how they work and their great inventive ideas I hope to be able to bring it to you.

If you have any questions about bees feel free to email in the contact located in the top menu on this page.

Hope you enjoy.

Regards Nick