About The Website

Hi my name is Nick. Here is a little about the blog and me.

I have discovered the joy of keeping Australian native stingless bees. I decided to make a website to share what I am observing and learning from these amazing little bees. I feel that with the current world bee situation its time to look after the small things that have kept the world alive and moving for so long. Bees.

How my obsession with stingless bees began..

Years ago my brother in law showed me these small insects he found in a water meter. Instantly I was taken with them. I began to research everything I could about them. I made a hive and took a video of that very rescue. Years I am still researching new ways of expanding my knowledge to give the bees the best care.


How to find your way around

This blog features advice for the first time bee novice as well as the seasoned professional.  I’ve talked with native bee keepers and experts from all over Australia and even other countries and compiled their advice as well as my own personal observations of what works and what really doesn’t when looking after stingless bees.

I’ve broken the site down into different areas to make it easy to search about, you can use the tabs below or click these links.

Basics will include starter information such as where to put your hive, what is in your hive and what to look out for to keep your hive safe.

Intermediates is for bee keepers looking to expand their hives and will cover topics such as propagation, how close to keep hives together and how to split hives.

Advanced offers techniques for people who have worked with stingless bees for a long time and are able to adapt their hives without harming the bees.

I hope anyone visiting this site leaves it with more knowledge and love for these special little insects. I will do my best over time to cover all topics I can so that the knowledge is preserved and shared with like minded people. I hope that the future generation of children will know more than we do about bees.

If you have any questions about native Australian bees, drop me a line at nick@australiannativebee.com and I will do my best to help you. Maybe you have found a hive or want to know something about them in general. Post a question and I will do my best to help you. This site is all about helping people learn more about keeping native Australian bees.

I have also made a page on here for my bee friend Dean Haley. Check it out.

Welcome to Australian Native Bee. A website about… Bees